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Yoke Assemblies


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Yoke Assemblies

Hold two workpieces, or long pieces of fabric or metal. The yokes have spring loaded, extra-wide spindles that provide strong, no-mar holding power that can be adjusted to accommodate varying material thicknesses and sizes.

Model NumberNeoprene Cap Part No.Plain Spindle Part No.AL
GH-YP-3130GH-YN-3130GH-YB-31305/16-183" (76.2)
GH-YP-3145GH-YN-3145GH-YB-31455/16-184.5" (114.3)
GH-YP-3160GH-YN-3160GH-YB-31605/16-186" (152.4)
GH-YP-3730GH-YN-3730GH-YB-37303/8-163" (76.2)
GH-YP-3745GH-YN-3745GH-YB-37453/8-164.5" (114.3)
GH-YP-3760GH-YN-3760GH-YB-37603/8-166" (152.4)
UNIT: inch (metric mm)
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